Things you have to do in Rome – Italy!

Hi loves,

I know it’s been a while. I have spent some free time doing some travelling and Rome has been my most recent trip. I’m not sure if I can express my love for Rome and Italy in words but I’m most certainly going to try.

Rome is a masterpiece of a city, with beautiful ancient remnants that still stand. Around every corner, you will you will find beautiful ruins from a time long gone. Also, I must say Rome is one of the most instagrammable places that I have been to.


Here are some things that you absolutely have to do in Rome as well as some of the most instagrammable spots.

Be the tourist

You cant go to Rome without visiting the most iconic sites that the incredible city has to offer. My friend and I first headed to the Trevi Fountain. It was insanely beautiful but the whole place was packed, which made it hard to get a good picture. So throw your coins in get going. Its believed that you should throw in three coins. First, to ensure your return to Rome, second, to find new love and third, for a long marriage.

Then we headed to the Spanish Steps, again another place that is packed with the crowds. I recommend you climb up all the steps to get a view of the crowds and probably the most famous stairs.

One of my favourite highlights in Rome was getting a guided tour of the Colosseum. The structure itself is impressive to look at, but when you have a guided tour they really divulge the history of the structure that leaves you in awe. That is my number one tip for you – get a guided tour. Also make sure to visit the Forum and the Palatine Hill, which have more ancient ruins dotted around.

You must visit the Vatican City and behold the most stunning art that you will come across. We again got a guided tour, but I don’t think you need a guide for this one – unless you want to of course. The Romans set a bar high for beautiful buildings and art. From the galleries in the Vatican museums to the magnificent art in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. If you opt for a guide-less experience, make sure to read up on the Sistine Chapel to really appreciate what you are witnessing.

Explore the everyday Rome 

If you want to get out of the crowds and see a little more of authentic Rome, then venture out a little. My friend and I went to explore a little of Trastevere on one of the afternoons. Its such beautiful part of Rome, which has some amazing streets. My advice would be to just wander without a destination and see what you come across.

Other must-see spots

One of the other spots that you need to visit is the Villa Borghese Gardens. Although we didn’t really get to see much of the gardens, the high part offers a fantastic view of Rome at sunset. So if you are looking for a cute sunset spot, try the Borghese Gardens.


Rome has the most fantastic food to offer. I did not hold back there were pizzas, pasta, and gelato.. lots of gelato! When it comes to food in Rome, try to go to a variety of different places. Some of the places we went to dinner were Osteria d Fortunata (for some authentic pasta – staff are also incredibly friendly), Le Jardin de Russie (for a fancy dinner). For brunch, we tried Ginger Spaori e Salute (for some good pancakes) and Bakery House Roma (for a delicious egg royale). When it comes to Gelato, make sure to try the coconut flavour if you’re a fan, it’s incredible. For the best hot chocolate in Rome (Said dal 1923). Lastly for the BEST alcohol-free strawberry tiramisu (Pompi Tiramisu).

Getting around

When it comes to getting around Rome, I would recommend you make an investment in a metro card which allows you to travel on buses, trams and the metro. We got a 72-hour card for just 18 Euros and it covered all our travel within Rome for three days. If you are flying in and out form Ciampio airport, get a 1.50 euro ticket to get you into the city centre on the 520 bus. Make sure to get your ticket for the bus before leaving the airport, as you can’t get a ticket on the bus or outside the airport.

That is all for today, its good to be back! I’m planning on doing more city guides. Let me know your thoughts or any other recommendations for other posts.

Noor ♥