A very English Summer!

Hi loves,

Wow, it has been a while. How are you all? Is anyone even here to read this? Anyway, happy summer you guys. This summer feels like a proper summer, you know completely opposite of every other summer that I can remember in England. Usually English summer consists of a few sunny days, a week, if we’re lucky but this year we have been blessed with weeks of sunshine!

So here is how to make the most out of precious sunny days in England, in list form because .. do I even need to remind you how much I love lists?

  1. Go to an outdoor cinema. I’ve been to a couple in the last couple of years and they’re pretty incredible. They have such a chilled out vibe, with everyone collectively praying for dry weather. Honestly, there’s something spectacular and nostalgic about sitting in a field watching a movie under the stars. I usually go to Luna Cinema, you can check it out here (they travel all over the country). Last year, I went to see Greece and wrote about it, check it out here.  imageimage
  2. Picnic. Go on a picnic, take a pal with you and just enjoy the sunshine. Who knows how long it lasts, summer honestly is the most ‘seize the day’ kinda season.
  3. Get an Ice Cream from an ice cream van. Okay, how are flake ice creams like £2.99. I remember paying like a quid for them when I was younger (lets face it though, that was a long while ago). Flake ice creams with strawberry sauce dripping of is the most perfect summery thing to eat.IMG_4964
  4. Go for an afternoon tea. You probably like “Noor who wants to drown themselves in a warm beverage such as tea on a hot day?”, but let me tell you a thing or two kids; Afternoon is perfect for all occasions. Yes I can drown myself in tea, during any season. Also if you go to a fancy-ish place, they usually have beautiful grounds that you can stroll in and bask in the glory of an English summer.
  5. Make a mojito (a virgin one because keeping it halal). I love a virgin mojito, in the warm weather its such a refreshing drink. I have done a post on how to make your own virgin mojito, and you can check it out hereDSC_2115
  6. Go crazy with those summer selfies. Create some summer mems, and make sure to capture them. The sun is a glorious creation and it definitely is the best kinda light for you to shine.
  7. Go on a Summer VACAY… or not. If you’re not going abroad consider taking a weekend to somewhere in England. When the weather is so beautiful in England, why flock to other countries. Make summer count in England.DSC_4455DSC_4489
  8. Have a BBQ. As someone working in a supermarket, I know Brits love to make the most out of some sun with a BBQ. But its a good idea, follow the crowd and have a BBQ. Ultimate summer event.

That is all for today, my god it feels good to be back. Even though there might only be like one person out there reading this. If you are that person, shoutout to you, you the BESTTT!

Just remember, sometimes I may leave, but I will always come back to you.

Noor ♥