Hogwarts Cafe in Pakistan!

Hi loves,

Yes you have read right, I found a Harry Potter cafe in Pakistan, of all places. So if you’re a Potter fanatic or merely enjoy a spot of magic, this one is for you. Harry Potter has touched millions of hearts and it is an international phenomenon, however I was still surprised to see a Harry Potter themed cafe in my home country.


In one of the most pristine areas of Islamabad (Bharia Town), sat a mini Hogwarts, serving HP themed food and drinks. The Hogwarts cafe was mind blowing, the decor was impeccable and it really felt like a mini set of the movies. They had props, such as wands, cloaks and Harry’s signature round spectacles and the customers were welcomed to wear them and take plenty of pictures. It was seriously so good.


The owner was there and he was so lovely, and told me about his love for all things Harry Potter. The staff were friendly, and provided a great service. Definitely worth a visit for anyone, not just HP fans.

Now, about the food – we had already had lunch so we went for drinks. I opted for the butterbeer, which was delicous. It was a vanilla milkshake with loads of other flavours, and it was hands down the best butterbeer I have ever had. We also got a chocolate lava cake with ice cream which again was just mouth watering and incredible. Sorry about the picture, my niece tucked in before I could get a good one.

6CEC0D0B-616D-419B-A7EA-66860315A8EDA8029FF9-800B-41A5-8367-7E16E326E5B1 They also had other cool named drinks such as Firewhiskey, and Goblet of Fire Lemonade. They also happen to serve full on meals such as steaks and burgers.


The cafe was featured on Buzzfeed and several other media outlets, and I just had to put it on my ‘things to do in Pakistan’ list straight away, and I am so glad I found the hidden treasure. It was a real treat and I will surely visit it again when I go back to Pakistan.

That is it for todays post, let me know if there are HP themed things where you live. See you soon.


Noor ♥