Best Afternoon Tea of all time!

Hi loves,

As you may know, I love an afternoon tea or like ten. Okay, what I’m trying to say is that I consider myself a bit of an expert on the matter of afternoon tea. Therefore, I feel that I can make the following statement; Balmoral Hotel (Edinburgh) offers the best afternoon tea (in my experience anyway). There a few reasons why the hotel in which JK Rowling finished writing the Harry Potter series, has won this award from me.


At the Balmoral , afternoon tea is no causal affair. The way the food was presented and brought out was elegant and luxurious. The tea was was almost served in courses. The setting of the room displayed elegance, and there was a man playing the harp which was a great touch to the ambiance of the room. So to begin with, we started of with a little pot of butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds which was surprisingly delicious.

After we sipped the soup to our hearts content, the savouries were brought out. There were HALAL CHICKEN FINGER SANDWICHES! This made my day because I have never come across a high tea that has halal meat in the sandwiches. There were a range of savouries, we had sandwiches, a small cheese quiche and a small piece of vegetarian haggis. Again, loved all the food.

By the way, the tea was also on point. I opted for my usual English Breakfast and it was impeccable. Later came the scones, these are always my favourite part of the tea. I love scones, served with strawberry jam and clotted cream and they are just mouth watering. Lastly, there were a range of desserts, which I don’t think we managed to finish. They were so good though.


As a finishing touch, we were given a small tin of loose tea and small box with a chocolate in it. I felt this was such an extra touch, which really made the whole experience incredible. I would definitely recommend you give a Balmoral a visit, if you happened to be in Edinburgh.

That is it for my finest afternoon tea experience. See you next week.


Noor ♥