The Harry Potter Trail – Edinburgh Edition

Hi loves,

Ones love for all things Harry Potter is endless. If I am to travel I will find out if there are any Harry Potter related things at the chosen destination. This time the destination was Edinburgh, the beautiful city in Scotland. As for the search, there were plenty HP related things to see in the city. So if you’re a Potter fanatic and want to visit Edinburgh, you have come to the right place!


We stayed at Jury’s Inn Edinburgh, the hotel was the perfect location. It allowed us to be a walking distance from all the main attractions that Edinburgh has to offer. The first place you should visit is ‘The Elephant House’ cafe. This is the cafe that JK Rowling wrote most of the Harry Potter books. Being at the cafe, it wasn’t difficult to imagine a young JK sitting with her laptop (or pen and paper?) with the view of the Edinburgh Castle on the hill, writing away our beloved HP and its characters.

We wanted to look inside and spend a little time at the cafe so we got some drinks and cakes/shortbread. We also spotted a young woman working away, which really made this imagination of JK writing vivid and real. Also don’t forget to visit the LOO! Trust me on this, you may think that is a bizarre advice but you have to… and this is why!

dsc_4277dsc_4279Fans from all over the world have written quotes and messages over any surface possible.

Only a few minutes walk from the cafe is the Greyfriars Kirkyard (Graveyard). In the graveyard there is a grave with the name Tom Riddle. Unfortunately it was rainy and cold so we didn’t end up finding the gravestone. But its worth a visit, and if you don’t mind the weather conditions it will probably be worth it.


Just behind the graveyard is George Heriots school, which gave JK inspiration for Hogwarts.

There is also Victoria Street, which you must visit. This street was the inspiration for Diagon Alley. With colourful buildings and windy roads, its not hard to imagine young witches and wizard wandering the street to buy all the supplies for Hogwarts.


I liked Victoria Street, however we stumbled upon Cockburn Street which just screamed Diagon Alley. It was as windy and hilly as Victoria Street. The architecture and independent quirky shops, made it even more like the fictional street.


Lastly, we went to the very grand Balmoral hotel for afternoon tea. This is where the HP books came to an end. JK wrote the ending to the series in a suite at the hotel, the suite has since been name after her and if you’re very wealthy you can stay there. It apparently, has has some touches as evidence. The tea was beautiful and delicous, it has raised the bar so high for afternoon tea, and I don’t know what/where/who can top it.


That a wraps up the Harry Potter Trail for Edinburgh. I will definitely do more of these, maybe London next? Let me know your favourite HP places. See you soon.


Noor ♥