How I Scrapbook.

Hi loves,

Today Im going to show you how I scrapbook. I love scrapbooking, its a way of displaying you’re most memorable events/days/memories. I have just finished my second scrapbook and thought I’d give you the low down on how I do things. Scrapbooking can be tiresome and it can take you a long while however it is so worth it, especially when you finish a book full of all your FAVE memories!

There are plenty of ways of scrapbooking, so many beautiful and creative ideas out there, however I like to keep it simple. I use an A4 sketchbook from Amazon, you can find it here. I find the A4 size perfect for a spread and the sketchbook that I use has great quality, thick paper, which is exactly what I wanted for my book.2aad3b36-4a3e-4bff-8ddd-0847e77f0ff2a3fd9a75-aec3-4818-be51-015882132b3a

Here are a few pages that I have completed, so you can get an idea of how I lay my pages out.

350d8894-0af9-4ef1-af74-732698f22cbeThe first page is from my trip to Marrakech, last year. I love this page because of all the colours just fit right in with the theme. As you can see, I have used combinations of materials, from photos to receipts to postcards.

900aa9ef-8e71-4781-a0ed-582514f0f1c7This page is from my Graduation. Again I have used photos and other bits.On this page I have also added the note that I received with my flowers from my brother and sister in law.704beb39-c4fd-4376-8f5d-617ea31dab74This page is from my Roadtrip last year with my cousin. This was the Cheltenham/Gloucestershire stop, where we met up with of my friends (MEG).

Now, to show you how I set things out I took some pictures of before and after of my 22nd birthday spread.

71a037ae-ad39-4e84-86b2-ea0cd22a48b9I decided to use some of my birthday cards as well, as its a great way to store them.

4c9f2cd5-61cf-4ecc-acd1-ba6bd0b1e581b3c3ef66-5de8-4299-92e7-c5fc4a00d017This last page is my favourite! If you guys haven’t check out my last post, go here and check it out, then this spread in my book will make more sense!

I have wanted to this post for very long time. I hope you enjoyed the post and got some inspo! Like I said before, this is a beautiful way of displaying your memories, whether its important life events or your travel adventures. Let me know if you scrapbook and if you have any unique ideas to share.

That is all, I will see you soon darlings.

Noor ♥