Im really doing 2017 New Year Resolutions!

Hi loves,

Sooo, yes I am doing new year resolutions! I gave up doing these couple of years ago because all of the new resolutions that I made were completely unrealistic, so I gave up on them during the first week of the year. HOWEVER, this year I have devised a plan.. my plan is to make small do-able goals that will benefit me. Most importantly, these will be goals that I will be able to actually carry out.

So without further ado, here my 2017 resolutions:

  1. Write more. I have got my self a 2017 diary and a journal. The aim is to use the diary for regular things (work/reminders/events). Also to keep organised. The journal is for me to write in most days, which will encourage me to write daily.
  2. Read more! I love reading, however I failed miserably last year to achieve my goal of 100 books. So this year I wont set myself a number goal, I just want to read more than last year.
  3. Travel more. I definitely want to see new places and experience different cultures this year. Also its my main goal to go Pakistan this year and visit family.
  4. SAVE! I am terrible with saving money. I am a total yes girl when it comes to going out, spending, shopping etc. So my aim is to save a little. Or at least try.
  5. Change the blogging game! That sounds overly dramatic, I basically want to get back to uploading regularly. Therefore I will be going back to posting once a week, and sometimes twice depending on how much content I have.
  6. Lastly, maybe.. kinda.. start a Youtube channel? I really want to properly start a channel this year.


So that is all for today. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Let me know if you have made any new year resolutions and what they are.

See you soon.


Noor ♥