Inspiration/Aspiration Vs Envy

Hi loves,

Today we are talking about what we get out of social media, especially  Instagram; aspiration? Inspiration? Or major envy? My interpretation of aspiration is, ‘if they can do it so can I’. Inspiration is, ‘I can do that someday’. Lastly, envy is, ‘I wish I was them’. The first to are obviously on a positive side of the scale, however envy can be so negative and I feel like its not talked about enough.. so I’m gonna talk about it.

I have a serious addiction to Instagram, who doesn’t love seeing aesthetically pleasing pictures and posts? I sure do. I did find recently that I had been spending too much time on the ‘gram. But how do you draw the line? What is too much? Let me tell you kids, its when you start comparing yourself and your life with others, wishing you had their supposedly ‘picture perfect’ life. 

Spending too much time on social media can make you feel like shit. You are looking at these people who are living an incredible life; perfect faces, perfect bodies and get to travel to incredible places. It can make your life feel stagnant and dull in comparison.If you are investing too much time in other peoples lives, you will feel like an outsider in your own life – they will become the main character and YOU CANT LET THAT HAPPEN.

“Make each day count and be the lead in your life”.

I have only recently understood why so many social media stars have a social media detox. Social media gets to me sometimes, but imagine that was your job – your entire life? You need to get some distance and perspective sometimes.

I love Instagram and by no means am I saying that you should or I will ever give it up, however I do believe small doses are happy doses. So keep in tune with reality and don’t get caught up in this whirlwind of social media. So to wrap it up, what I’m saying is – use and love Instagram, get inspiration out of it, follow aspirational accounts, but know where that line is. That line where its a little ‘too much’.

I really wanted to talk about this for while, leave your thoughts in the comments and I will see you soon.

Noor ♥