Zayn – Noors Review

Hi loves,

So my love Zayn released a debut self titled book, which focuses on several different parts of his life. Thee prime focus of the book is on creating the album, as well as the biggest and most talked about part of his life – leaving One Direction. I got my hands on the book, although Im not a huge fan of non-fiction books I had to support my boy. So I managed to read it in one sitting and wanted to give you the down low on whats its about, what I thought about it etc.. anyway you know how this whole review thing goes.

The book doesn’t follow a chronological order, yet its a autobiography focusing on some of the biggest parts of Zayns life. He talks about his debut album ‘Mind of Mine’. He breaks down the whole process of creating the album, from writing the songs – to meeting people who enhanced his vision and contributed to his success as a solo artist. Zayn also briefly talks about his influences, other interests and of course the big decision to leave a incredibly successful and popular boy band 1D.  If you want in on the scoop of Zayn/Perrie break-up, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. The break-up is mentioned, but the book doesn’t focus on it very much at all.


I loved how you get the real insight of Zayn. Zayn wants to put his most authentic self forward, he wanted to be real and honestly in this book, you completely see that. You get to know the man he has become, and the boy he was at the peak of one directions success and popularity.

There is a heavy focus on the album, and I found this so enjoyable to read because I fell in with Zayn as a solo artist, because of the album. He breaks down and explains how everything he wrote has a story to it. For example in the song ‘BeFour’ there is line ‘I’ve been here before, not like this’. The story behind the line is that Zayn stayed at a hotel with 1D and he returned to the same place as a solo artist, and that is where the line was created and inspired by the event.

The photography is breath-taking. Zayn is beautiful, and this book highlights his perfection. I have to add that the photos add to the context of the chapters. They are co-ordinated with the text to give the reader a enjoyable experience.

Zayn talks about his decision to leave 1D and it puts all the pieces together. He discusses issues such as race etc. He did feel like and outsider at time and this was for several reasons. In the book you get to know Zayn and put together the puzzle pieces of his history with the band.

There wasn’t much that I disliked about the book, its honestly a very beautiful book. However, I would have perhaps preferred more written content. Although, I do feel that most topics were discussed and if he wants to keep certain topics personal then he is completely allowed to do so.


I would definitely recommend this book to any fans, or anyone who wants to get know Zayn.

That is all for today, see you soon.


Noor ♥