Wanna know something cool?

Yes, then welcome!

Hi loves,

This weeks post is just going to be a little fun one (I mean my blogposts are always fun *wink wink*) but anyway..getting of track here.

Here are 10 ‘something cool facts’

  1. If you ask Siri (iPhone users only) to beatbox for you, he/she/it will! (Go on, try it).
  2. Muhammad is the most popular name in the world (islamaphobic people, whats good?).
  3. Apparently, when a snake is born with two heads they both fight each other for food (excuse my language but how bloody terrifying is that?).
  4. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards (the English language has kindly given you a medication for being stressed → desserts) .
  5. ‘Goodbye’ came from ‘God Bye’ which came from ‘God be with you’.
  6. A normal rain drop falls at seven miles per hour.
  7. Camels have three eyelids and two of the eyelids have eye lashes (two in one, you’re welcome).
  8. It is estimated that around 0.7% of the world population is drunk at one time (is that you? If so, pull yourself together wo/man).
  9. There is a hotel in Sweden built of ice, and it is rebuilt every year.
  10. The world maps and globes sold in Albania up until 1994 had only Albania on them (This is something Kanye would do).


This was fun. See, you learn something new everyday!


That is all, see you next week!


Noor ♥