Cleaning makeup brushes

Hi loves,

We all know how much of a chore cleaning makeup brushes is, I wish I could give you a simple solution but I simply can not. However, I thought I would share my personal way of cleaning my face applying equipment AKA makeup brushes/applicators.

You will need:

Warm water, shampoo/baby shampoo and a towel.

First of all wet your makeup brushes. Then add a little squeeze of your preferred shampoo in your palm and swirl the brush. Wash away and then repeat if necessary.

Then, once all the brushes are cleaned place them all on a towel/flannel and leave to dry.


You can use baby shampoo because it’s not as harsh on the brushes which will inevitably prolong the life of your brush. However I have used my regular shampoo before and my brushes haven’t shown any visible damage.

Using shampoo is a easy and a cost effective way of carrying out this chore. Instead of wasting money on brush cleaners which can be quite expensive, opt for your regular shampoo. I have been doing this for a while and my brushes (which I have had forever) are still perfect.



A before and an after so you can see the incredible difference. There’s nothing like applying makeup with clean brushes, if I’m being honest its probably up there with having freshly cleaned bed sheets!

That is all for today, Let me know how you clean your brushes? See you soon!

Noor ♥