Travel Essentials!

Hi loves,

Today I bring you my in flight essentials. So lets face it, airports suck and I really don’t like flying. So there are few things that I like to take with me, to make me feel better about the whole process.

So here are the things I usually have with me on the flight.


Ear phones and a good playlist: I feel like this is a must for any traveller! When you can hear whaling babies and coughing fits from across the plane, it doesn’t exactly scream comfort. So either to block out the noise, or just to listen to a bit of Zayns angelic voice – take your favourite music and a good pair of earphones/headphones.

Book: If I’m being honest I rarely ever read on the plane, this is mostly because I’m trying so hard not to throw up or actually catch some sleep. However, I picked this book up from Sainsburys for £3.99 (bargain) and would definitely read it on a flight. Simply put your earphones on to block the noise and let the book transport you to a different world.

Backpack: I feel like backpacks are the most convenient kind of bag whilst travelling, it means not having a dead arm or one aching shoulder. It will be comfortable and practical. Also they’re very on trend right now, so you can look like a fashionable, chic queen.

Lip Balm and Moisturiser: I don’t wear makeup on flights because it makes me feel all ewy (real mature word to use, I know). Anyway I usually take my favourite lip balm and a good hydrating moisturiser.

Comfy clothes / Shoes: Always! I don’t understand how people wear fancy clothes on flights – How do you do it? Reveal your powers? I like to wear my comfiest clothes (not my pj’s unfortunately). With a pair of comfy trainers, usually my converse.

Blanket Scarf – It can get really cold when you’re flying so take a blanket scarf with you, if you don’t have one, invest in one ASAP! You will not regret it, I assure you!

That is all for today, let me know what your travel essentials are. See you soon.


Noor ♥