Meeting my Queen – Sarah J Maas

Hi loves,

So, I finally met my favourite author Sarah J Maas and thought I’d tell you about it because we are besties. SJM became one of my favourite authors quite quickly. I was introduced to ‘Throne of Glass’ (Her first book series) by my friend Tajmina and instantly fell in love with the first book. That was followed by my complete obsession with the whole series. Sarah also has another book series ‘A Court of Thorns and Rose’ (book 1). I enjoyed this book but the second book from this series is another level of brilliance. ‘A Court  of Mist and Fury’ is one of my all time favourite books.

Ramble over.. Sarah announced that she was going on tour for the latest book in the series, ‘Empire of Storms’ and FINALLY flying over to the UK. I was so excited and stalked her twitter page for the tickets until I got my hands on them. I got together my book club squad and we all managed to get tickets.


The event featured a laugh out loud Q&A which gave us an insight into our favourite authors personality and character (very lovable). She is honestly hilarious, completely nerdy and so beautiful. Sarah was everything I imagined her to be and more, the woman just shines!

Story time – My cousin and I were coincidentally sat next to Sarah’s in laws. We spoke to them and they were so lovely and friendly. During the Q&A her father in laws phone went off and Sarah was interrupted and she said ‘get out’ (for humor obviously) and it was even more funny because it was a member of her family.

The event was just perfect and I cant believe that endless waiting was over in couple of hours. I will be definitely going to more book signings if she does ever come to the UK again.


That is all for today, see you soon. Let me know if you have read anything from SJM and what you thought of her books.

Noor ♥