Surviving Education!

Hi loves,

So some of you guys have probably started school or are going to start University soon, so I thought I would make a survival guide for you! After finishing uni, I have really ‘been there, done that’ so I have some ideas about how to survive education.

Here is a list that I compiled for you:

  1. Get organised – Probably the most obvious one but this helped me immensely. I kept a diary, and as term started I added in all my assignment deadlines. This gave me time to prepare and avoid having a horrible shock when you realise the assignment is due tomorrow!
  2. Take time out – Honestly I could not stress this enough! You need to get out, or just take time out. This will be different for everyone, whether you just need an evening in or a day out exploring.. DO IT! Being couped up and stressed out is not going to help anything, so take a break, and get refreshed.
  3. When you get a bad grade or criticism, don’t take it too personally. It can be really difficult to get past a low but you have to soldier through it. I mean, not straight away but have a couple of hours to whine about it and feel low but PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER after the self pity party. Hot tip – self pity parties are best with food and friends.
  4. TREAT YO SELF- Something that I perhaps did too much off. Whether its buying new shoes or getting yourself a takeaway, do it. Sometimes all you need is a good session of retail therapy and good food.
  5. Surround yourself with good people. Its difficult to make good friends sometimes but try to surround yourself with people, that will uplift you and help you when you need it the most. I was lucky enough to have a brilliant group of friends who gave them brilliant inspirational one liners, like “..not everyday is a goal day, some days are journey days” – Amna.

That is all for today, see you soon! Leave any tips you might have for other people in the comments.