I made it – Graduation!


Hi loves,

I GRADUATED! Which you will know if you follow me on social media, as I have plastered graduation photos on most platforms. How could I not though? University was definitely some of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life and I am so thrilled that I made it.

I wanted to make a post to mark the end of an era. University is not for everyone, and although I struggled first year I didnt give up. I did not love Uni first year for several reasons, but as I slowly fitted and adjusted, I started to like it and enjoy it more. My second year was definitely my favourite because I was familiar with my surroundings and had great friends around me. Third year was awful. It was so difficult and honestly I dont know know how I got through the first semester of third year. The struggle, the blood, sweat and tears only made the successfuly finish very rewarding.

I just want to thank my friends for being absolutely incredible. They are some of the best people I have come across and I am so grateful that we crossed paths on those early weeks of Uni.

I thought I’d share some pictures with you guys…

For my makeup I went for a goldy/browny eye and a soft pastel pink lip! I was really impressed by makeup even though I slightly messed up my eyeshadow! I used the Tanya Burr lashes in ‘Bambi’ because they add definition to your lashes yet still achieve that natural look.

My outfit: Top and trousers – Boohoo/ Shoes (both pairs) – New Look/ Scarf – Southall/ Clutch- Pirmark.

The venue was beautiful! It had a very real Hogwarts-esque vibe so naturally I fell in love with it! Especially with our robes we could’ve been wizards and witches graduating from Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizardry!

Thats is all for today, I’ll see you soon!