Snowflake Gelato!

Hi loves,

Let talk about food.. London in sweltering heat can be a bit much sometimes, so what better way to cool down than to eat food! Snowflake Gelato is a couple of minute walk from Oxford Circus station and is definitely worth a visit. There are also other branches dotted around London, but my friends and I went to the Oxford Circus branch.

The place itself is tucked away in a corner right in central London, so we had our trustee guide, google to help us find the way.


We all opted for a variety of desserts and we all really enjoyed them. I went for waffles (because favourite dessert ever) and snowflake ice cream. Honestly, the snowflake icecream was to die for, it was coconutty and creamy.

The prices were quite reasonable, for all three desserts the bill was around the £20 mark, which is not bad at all because they were really lovely.


A little selfie for you, because I couldnt resist the perfect lighting and the huge mirror combo!

That is all for today, whats your favourite dessert/ dessert place?


Noor ♥