Ma’ Plucker’s – Halal Finds!

Hi loves,

Today I bring you a a halal restaurant/ chicken diner right in central London! It’s a struggle sometimes to find halal food places in central, so I always keep an eye out for them! So this is the perfect place to have a bite to eat if you’re spending a day in London. The restaurant is located a couple of minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus station, make sure you have your google maps.. Just in case.

Ma’Pluckers was definitely a great find! The chicken they served was absolutely incredible! I loved it, as did my friends!

I opted  for the ‘make your own’ and went for a chicken burger with a spicey chipotle sauce, which had a taste that I havent previously come across, but delicious nonetheless!

When my chicken arrived it looked a little dry, however I was pleasantly surprised because it was perfectly succulent! Making you hungry yet?

The prices are quite reasonable, we paid around £15.00 for each meal and let me assure you, you will not feel any small bit of lingering hunger once you have consumed your meal!

Although I went for a burger, I think they’re speciality is a savoury waffle, which I might have to try next time! I’m already itching to go back!

I will also add that, as you arrive it looks tiny, but it’s quite spacious inside.

That is all for today, see you soon!