Makeup Haul – All the glitter!

Hi loves,

So I’ve been makeup shopping.. again! I had a little splurge and thought Id would show you some of the things I have bought. Nothing is more satisfying than makeup shopping and loving everything you have bought!

Majority of the things I bought were from Nyx. Nyx have a huge selection of products in the Boots on Oxford St, so if you’re in central London I would recommend that store.

The product that I was most excited for was the glitter! Glitter is so on trend right now, all the makeup tutorials you see on Instagram have glitter. Its also noticeable at events, as it is wedding season you see people rocking all kinds of glitter.

It was my cousins wedding so I NEEDED glitter in my life. I bought three Nyx face and body glitters. I got one gold shade (£5), one silver and one crystal. I used the gold at the weddings and it was incredible. It just added that finishing touch to the look. I looked everywhere for the Nyx glitter glue but it was out of stock! Luckily one of my friends had given me a good tip, it was to use lash glue as a glue for the glitter and it worked. My glitter didnt budge and it stayed on all day.

Staying on the theme of glitter, I also bought a glitter liner. This is another trend I have seen on social media, from applying is under the brows to adding it to a cut crease look. The glitter liner looks incredible. Again I used it at the wedding and loved it! It just adds that clean wow factor to a look (£5.50).

I also picked up this gorgeous blue extreme shine eyeliner. The colour is just brilliant, it is so pigmented and its in the shade sunrise blue (£5).


My sister need some lashes and I picked up these for her. These are the Eylure luffly lashes. They have just the right length and volume without being too heavy. They are also light weight and don’t feel heavy on the eyes. They are also reusable, which is a great way to get your moneys worth(£5.95).


Then, I headed over to the lip section. Nyx was made so popular by their liquid lip cremes, so I picked up a new one in the shade Abu Dhabi (£5.50). The other two are the Nyx lingerie range and I picked up the shades Teddy and Embellishment. I saw one of my friends (who has a blog that you should check out) wearing Embellishment and it looked incredible on her, so I wanted to try it out too (6.50).


I made final purchase from Boots and got more real techniques beauty blenders. I absolutely love these because they blend so well and give a flawless finish! Definitely recommend these. I bought a pack of two (£9.99).


Lastly, I picked up this beautiful highlighter from New Look. I have tried a few different things from New Look makeup collection and really liked them so I thought I would give this highlighter a try. Its in the shade light pink. I do tend to prefer goldy shades but this is still beautiful (£.99)!


That is all for today, see you soon! Tell me whats on your makeup wish list?


Noor ♥