Cinderella in Ballet!

Hi loves,

As you may know, I have a new found love for the ballet which was born when I went to see La Corsaire (ballet), for the very first time! Ballet can be a little difficult to follow, so it was perfect when I heard that there was going to be a Cinderella ballet.

The Cinderella show was performed at the most beautiful and elegant theater I have ever seen, the London Coliseum. It has such a royal feel to it and the design of it is just mesmerising!

Unfortunately we were a little late and had a conundrum at the beginning of the how, at first we were seated in this small room where we could watch the ballet on the TV. Then we were taken up to the top but were not allowed to sit in the seats, so we had to stand behind the seated area. Then as the first act closed we were able to go sit down. Honestly this lateness experience spoiled the first third of the show. Moral of the story, DONT BE LATE!

Anyway, the show was brilliant! Although we were both extremely tired it was a great show. The art of ballet is unbelievable. Humans can create beautiful things. I loved it! The story was easy to follow and it was incredible to see such a known story being acted out on the stage.

Cinderella was captivating, it was magical to see how each move practiced, rehearsed is made to seem like the easiest thing in the world. My favourites from the show were the step sisters! They were the comic relief of the show and it was their constant effort to impress the Prince that made it hilarious!

The stand out moment for me was the final dance that Cinderella and the Prince have, it was out of this world kind of incredible. It was charming, dreamy and absolutely entrancing!

I have to also say that the music was epic, I love hearing a live orchestra play a part in the telling of the story; especially because no words are spoken. The music almost becomes the voice, creating and evoking emotions from the audience.

Although I liked Cinderella, my first ballet show will always be my favourite!


That is all for today, see you soon! Let me know if you have been to the ballet before?


Noor ♥