Magnum LDN – British Summer!

Hi loves,

As we have a few precious days of the sun in England  (which are very HOT), it was time for a summer food post! Last year Magnum had a pop-up store in London for a limited time but I couldn’t go because it was Ramadan, so this year I had to go. They have a store just off of Bond St and is literally two minute walk from the station!


I had high expectations beforehand because I kept on seeing everyone’s amazing Instagram posts and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Although it was busy, the staff were really friendly and welcoming.

So I went for a classic milk ice cream with milk chocolate coating. Then you can choose three toppings from variety of unique and vibrant toppings. Then a drizzle of white chocolate sauce and topped with a little M chocolate button. (£4.50).

In the above picture is the menu, so you can choose before you go into the store! It does have a small seating area which was crowded but my cousin and I were in rush so we had ours on the go.

It tasted really fresh and although I had rose petals as one of my toppings, it tasted incredible!

It looks so pretty and very ‘grammable!


That is all for today! See you soon.


Noor ♥