The Taming Of The Queen – Noors Review

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Today I bring you the latest edition of ‘read and ramble with Noor’. I bought ‘The Taming of the Queen’ on a whim because it was set in the English court.  I finally picked it up and it was one of the most interesting and insightful books I have picked up; it educated me greatly on the realities of the Tudor Court. My interest was especially piqued because I loved ‘Tudors’ and ‘Reign’ (TV series).

‘The Taming of the Queen’ by Philippa Gregory is an insightful fiction novel based on the life of Kateryn Parr, the queen that survived Henry VIII. Kateryn, the final Queen of England that stood next to the notorious Henry VIII, who has been called a tyrant and murderer, is one of the most notable and known English Kings around the world. The story follows Kateryn, as she becomes the latest Queen of England following five others, majority of whom were killed. Kateryn, widowed twice becomes a strong woman with a strong mind as she grows a great affection and passion for scholarship.

The book actually took me a long while to read but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gregory creates a very enjoyable fictional plot weaved with historical facts, remaining as true to the the real story of Henry VIII and Kateryn Parr as much as possible. I think the thing that I loved about the book the most is, that it was about ‘real life’ history of the English crown.

Kateryn Parr is a brilliant heroine for the novel, with her rise in the tyrants heart to her fall almost leading to her death. What makes her incredible is that she survived him, “I am a free woman at last”. I have so much respect for her as woman who was ahead of her time, wanting equality for women in terms of education and being allowed to think independently. As a feminist, this completely resonated with me and made her my favourite Tudor Queen.

The book is written in first person, allowing the reader to immerse her/himself in Kateryns mind,  you understand her fear of the King to her love for his children. You feel her crushing love for Thomas Seymour, whom she could not even look at.  Lastly, you feel her hurt and the feeling of horror when certain events take place.

The only thing that I found negative was that the pace in the middle was a little slow, however the beginning and the end make up for it!


This book is completely out of ‘comfort zone’ and I would completely recommend it to anyone! I gave it 4/5 stars on goodreads.

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Noor ♥