Aladdin – The Musical

Hi loves,

So I finally went to see Aladdin. Since I found out earlier on in the year, that there was going to be a Aladdin musical,  I knew I HAD to go see it. Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney movies so it was only right that I see it on the stage. It has only been opened recently and is played at the Prince Edward Theater.

Aladdin blew me away, it was a dazzling display of vibrant colours, sparkly costumes and incredible sets. It was most certainly one of the most beautiful productions I have seen, with the heavy influence of Middle-East and South East-Asia prevailing throughout. It was, as if you had been transported to Agrabah (The location Aladdin is set in), and my friends and I wanted to be with the characters living in that mesmerising, magical world.

One of the major highlights was the Genie. It should’ve been called the Genie show because he was unbelievably funny and stole the show. Throughout Genie made references to the western culture, directly having an inside joke with the audience. He provided laugh out loud humor and he was definitely one of my favourites in the musical.

The most spectacular and the most epic part of the show for me, was the ‘A Whole New World’ performance. It was starry, the stage went dark and all you could see were the sparkly stars, accompanied by a dark blue sky with the floating carpet. The vocals of the actors were on point and the whole performance was just jaw dropping!

I have to also mention that it was so refreshing to see such a diverse cast. I have seen couple of shows on the stage and I havent seen such a racially diverse cast before. It was pleasant surprise and something that other productions should aspire to have.


Aladdin was definitely a winner for my friends and I and we would definitely recommend it. The whole cast were amazing and the music was again just beautiful!

That is all for today, what is your favourite play to see on the stage?


Noor ♥