Mollys Freakshakes!

Hi loves,

Today I bring you the latest craze (no, not Pokemon Go!).. FREAKSHAKES. Molly Bakes is a little bakery that has been getting popular because they create these over the top, crazy shakes.


I went once before but I had food poisoning so I really couldn’t enjoy my shake. I knew I had to go again because they looked incredible. I am so glad I ventured into the little cafe again.

The freakshakes consists of, a milkshake of your choice (chocolate, peanut butter, caramel or raspberry) in a mason jar with a lot of cream! Then as a topping you can choose from a brownie or a cookie.. then on top of all that, you get a marshmellow on top. However if you’re like my friend and get itchy ears from eating marshmellows then you can also let them know! The shakes are for £7 which may seem pricey, but for what you get its a reasonable price.


The closest tube station is Dalston Junction and Molly Bakes is a few minute walk from the station!

Also Molly has clearly jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon as it is Pokestop!


Hope you enjoyed todays post! See you soon.


Noor ♥