Virgin Mojito!

Hi loves,

Summer is in full swing in England, and by full swing I mean we have a nice sunny day every now and then. So today, I thought I’d share with you my recipe for Virgin Mojitos. A refreshing drink to enjoy in the beautiful, precious sunny days.


You will need:





Demerara sugar

Crushed Ice

To begin with add the the some mint leaves in the bottom of you glass/mason jar. Then add in a half a tea spoon of the demerara sugar.

Then you have to add in your crushed ice, you can fill glass with ice near to the top. Then with a knife or a spoon crush everything together. This last step is to really get that minty flavour.

After crushing the ice like its your enemy, add in the lemons and limes and some more mint leaves. Squeeze the slices of lemon and lime and then proceed to throw them into the glass.

Then finally add in you lemonade.

This will complete your summer refreshing beverage.

You can also have a jug full of ice, lemon, limes, mint, sugar and lemonade and top up when you run out!


Hope you enjoy this summer drink!


Noor ♥