Oops I did it again – Makeup Haul!

Hi loves,

Its that time again, I was itching to get my hands on some new makeup goodies, so I treated ma self! Most of the products are from BeautyBay and some are from Amazon.
So here are some products that I just NEEDED in my collection!


Firstly, lets talk about the thing I am most excited about; the 35P 35 Colour Plum morphe eyeshadow palette. I have heard some crazy good things about these palettes, so I am incredibly excited to start using it. Look at all those beautiful shades. Most of them are shimmery although, there are some matte ones. (£18.25).  image

I am completely in love with Real Techniques brushes, I just think they are such good quality and for such a good price. They are high end quality with high street price. I’ve got two sets (the eye and the base) and wanted to add more to my collection. I’m particularly excited to try the setting and the sculpting brushes. (£15.00 from Amazon).


Its wedding season and glitter is all the rage right now, so I bought some. They are a gel based formula, I have already tried these. Unfortunately, they’re not great. If they are applied on top of eyeshadow they can almost spoil your look as they slide about and don’t stay in the same place. Although, in  the inner corner of you eye they’re great for a bit of bang. They were pretty inexpensive so I can’t really complain. (£6.99 from Amazon).


If I’m being honest with you, I bought the lashes purely because they were so cheap. I love ‘attempting’ to use individual lashes, they create that natural fluttery look. (£1.50).


Lastly, I picked up the LA Girl transclucent loose powder for that BAKING. I am currently using the Collection loose powder and wanted to try something else. (£5.00)



That is all for today, what products do you have your eye on right now?


Noor ♥