My skin save products!

Hi loves,

Lets talk about skin today; we know it can either make you or break you so we gotta look after it. I don’t really have a complex skincare routine at all, but these few products that I’m going to show you are just brilliant. They make my skin feel/look good (most of the time).


Here are my four lifesavers!

  1. Carmex Lip Balm – I literally love this lip balm, it is so moisturising. I used to get dry lips all the time, especially because I love matte lip products so much but now they’re hardly ever dry. I use it everyday when I go to bed and honestly best lip balm I have tried. Also a great was to use this product is apply loads, then with a toothbrush scrub away. Then add more. It will leave your lips smooth and luscious. (Approx. £2).
  2. Nivea Night Time Moisturiser – Again, its a daily essential. After I have taken my makeup off I will apply this after, I will wake up next day with my skin soft and glowy. If I’m going to wear heavy makeup then I’ll apply in the morning, leave it for a while then pat dry and apply day time moisturiser. (£4/5).
  3. Nivea Post Shave Balm – With this product if you haven’t heard all the hype, where have you been? If you have not heard, this is what all the beauty blogger have been raving about, its used as a primer. Now I can tell you myself it will make your makeup sit so nice and smoothly. Definitely give it a try! (£4/5).
  4. Camomile Cleansing Butter – This product from The Body Shop is my all time FAV! I love it. It makes the chore of taking makeup off just so easy. You rub all over your face, then either wash it off or use a flannel and hot water. I promise it is the best way to get rid of any makeup on your skin. As you can see, Im nearly out again but it’s just brilliant. I’m one of those people who have to have ALL the makeup of before I got to sleep and this is just perfect. It’s oil based so it kind of just melts the makeup away, also it won’t leave your skin oily. (£13).


As you can see these products are not very expensive, yet they’re brilliant. I would completely recommend them especially if you’re on a budget.

That is all for today, see you soon. Also I’m on a hunt for a good day time moisturiser, let me know of any good ones out there.


Noor ♥