The Queen of Tearling

Hi loves,

Today Im going to tell you a bit about ‘The Queen of Tearling’ series and why you should read it.. or add it to your endless to be read pile. I really enjoyed the two books and the third one is coming out towards the end of the year, so I thought I would share them with you guys!

As you may or may not know, YA + kickass female lead + fantasy are the three key ingredients to make a thoroughly enjoyable read for me. This series features all three, hence why I am going to ramble on (a little) about these books.

The series begins with Kelsea Glynn (the queen of Tearling) returning to her home to take up the role of the Queen. She is nineteen and it is time for her to take responsibility of a broken, corrupt land. The first book focuses on Kelseas journey from being young and naive to a strong leader that her people desperately need. Kelsea must get ready to face her enemy across the border, the queen of Mortmesne; a tyrant ruler who is all so familiar with dark magic.

The second book is as it says on the cover, the invasion of Tearling. Kelsea has crossed her enemy and now she must pay the price. Her courageous decision to stop the shipment of slaves to the Mortmesne has dire consequence, resulting in the Mort army coming for our young queen.


Now that you know a little about the books let me tell you why you should read them:

  • Like I said, a young, strong and a pretty incredible female heroine.
  • Its set in a royal setting which I love.
  • Kelseas character development is perfect, she transforms from this timid book worm to a queen loved by her subjects. Her self discovery again is perfect.
  • The books are easy to read.
  • The plot is not at all predictable, PLOT TWISTS are everywhere.
  • Johansen adds in a woman called Lily who may be the key to everything, but you won’t find out till the second and the very last book.
  • The story flows, yet at the end of the books you are hungry for more


That is all, I think you should definitely give these books a go!


Noor ♥