All time makeup favourites!

Hi  loves,

Lets get right in, now this is quite a list. In this post, I will show you some of my most treasured and most used makeup. I absolutely love these products and have been using most of them for a couple of years!


Let me talk to you about this gorgeous palette. It is the naked 3 by Urban Decay. I think it has been out for a couple of years and I had bought it when it first did. When I had first purchased it, I was unsure as to whether I loved it or not, this was because I thought there was limit to the looks you could create with these shades. However, now it is one my favourite makeup items, I always take it with me when I go away and always use it to create eye looks. The looks you can create with this palette are versatile, contrary to what I had first thought. The shades are beautiful, pigmented and last the whole day with a primer. (Price £38.50).


Collection liquid eyeliner is my holy grail item. I absolutely love it and use it every time I use liquid liner (which is most days). I love the brush, its not flimsy so its perfect to get that neat look. The price of the eyeliner is also very affordable for those looking for a high street liquid liner. (Price £2.99)


I first fell in love with these lashes when my sister in law bought me a pair from Dubai. I went to Dubai myself and had to purchase couple of more pairs of these lashes.They are the Huda Beauty lashes in Giselle. They have drama without being too over dramatic, they’re fluttery and create that perfect look for evening/parties etc. They are on the pricey range, so if you want to treat yourself I would definitely recommend these. (Price £13.00)


Now, you all know how much I love this highlighter. I have only had this highlighter (Mary Lou by TheBalm) for a couple of months but I am completely obsessed. Its perfect, its on the goldy side of the spectrum and gives the most gorgeous glow. Completely recommend it despite the price. Although for a high-end highlighter its not extremely expensive (Price £17.50).


I laaaave these two gorgeous lip products. Firstly, lets talk about the Borjois liquid lipstick in ‘dont even pink of it’. Its such a gorgeous colour, I call it my afternoon tea colour because its classy, nude-ish and just very pretty. Its not too drying, it lasts all day and as I said its great for afternoon tea look. (Price £8.99). Gerad Cosmetic lipsticks are undeniably incredible, my favourite shade is ‘underground’. Again very long lasting and soft on the lips (Price £9.50).


The real technique brushes are a staple product in my makeup collection and I use them daily. I love the buffer brush for foundation (the bottom one) and the contour brush for powder contouring (second to bottom). The angled brush at the top, I use for concealing and tidying brow line and eyeliner. They are such good quality at a very good price. The brushes don’t shed the hairs, and are very easy to clean. I had these for a couple of years and they’re still going strong (The real technqiues brushes came in an eye set and core collection, both are £20.99 each). The fantail brush by the Vintage Cosmetics Company is perfect for highlighting. (Price £12.00)


This contour and correct palette by collection is a recent discovery but I have been using it since I have bought it. I use the highlight shade to tidy my brows, and mix the two shades in the left bottom corner to conceal any blemishes. I also use the green shadow to colour correct any redness. Very good price and its good quality, especially for the price. (Price £5.99).


That is all for this week, hope you enjoyed getting to know my makeup faves! See you soon.


Noor ♥