Body Confidence!

Hi loves,

So guess, who has been flicking through old pictures on facebook all the way back to highschool? You guessed it. So I thought it was time for another one of those ‘let me get real with you..’. This time it is about body confidence and what I would say to my younger self.

I would tell baby Noor (well high school Noor), that you’re perfect. You’re cute and quirky and confident. Even though sometimes you have those horrible feeling of self doubt and lack of body confidence. You let those comments get to you, but don’t because you’re perfect.

As long as I can remember I have never ever felt happy about my body, even when I had no reason to. During my high school years I always felt ‘fat’, I wasn’t, I was a little chubby but I was not outrageously over weight. Somehow I had come to the realisation that I was fat and had accepted it. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by beautiful thin girls, whether they were tall or short, the bottom line was they were thin and I was not.

So over the past couple of years I have put on a considerable amount of weight, and the cruel truth hit me.. I wasn’t fat all those years ago, when I felt like I was. Now on the other hand, its a different story. I know I am fat, I know fat is not synonymous of ugly. Most days Im okay with that. Some days I have those horrible low days when I dont feel 100% me.

I guess what Im saying is that this world can be cruel, even when you’re as close to being ‘desirable’ weight you are unhappy. So you gotta just try and be happy with you. That doesn’t mean you can’t do things to make yourself feel better about your weight (in terms of gym etc.). If you can and want to then go for it. But learn to love yourself. Loving yourself can not happen over night; its a continuous agonising journey, but a fulfilling one.

Take care of you self, let me know what you would tell your younger self?


Noor ♥