Oxford in a day!

Hi loves,

As some of you may know, my cousin and I went for a little Road-Trip recently. Our very first stop was in Oxford. Although Oxford is only an hour or so away (by car), I had never previously visited the beautiful city. I was so eager to see the incredible architecture, as well as some of the places that Harry Potter movies were filmed. There are so many places in Oxford that Harry Potter movies were shot at, for example the Bodleian Library and the Christ Church.

So here was my day in Oxford!

When we first arrived in Oxford, we parked right by the Bodleian Library (the parking was absolutely ridiculous, we had to pay £3 per hour!). We booked our tour for the library and we had a little time to kill, so we walked around the city, taking it all in its magnificent glory.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the library, but as a book lover it was incredible to see the historic books and how they are preserved. This library was used in the HP movies as the library at Hogwarts.

There was a Church near by and we went in and had a look, I absolutely love the architecture that some Churches have! The beauty of it is just unfathomable.

We also managed to get lost and have a snoop around one of the student class areas, and we were completely envious of their surroundings.

Then we were of to our afternoon tea at the Old Parsonage. I had seen the Old Parsonage on Instagram a long time ago and I had wanted to go ever since. So my time finally came.

The exterior of the hotel was so charming and just stunning! The interior was more modern with a hint of history dotted around.

If you want to visit the Christ Church, make sure to check the times that the tour begins. In the Christ Church, some of the Great Hall scenes were shot as well as the first encounter that Malfoy and Potter have. This was from the first movie ‘Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone’ when Harry rejects Draco’s offer of friendship.

Lastly, we finished the day with an evening at the theater. We managed to grab some tickets for Footloose. I love the Footloose movie (the remake, I haven’t seen the original – don’t hate me). Anyway, it was quite a spectacular show and we enjoyed it a lot. Some of the songs were great and had the audience of all ages singing along, it was such a cute and memorable moment.


That is all for today, see you soon!


Noor ♥