Cute Stationery Haul

Hi loves,

I got a haul for you today. Its a stationery haul, I’ll let you in on a secret.. I love STATIONERY, all kinds of it. Journals with cute writing on get me every time. It is coming to the end of my university life, and I realised I’m never going to get a chance to get new stationery for a new year, or a new term or a new semester (cries). Anyway I was bitter about Uni ending so I bought some sweet new stationery .. see what I did there?

I’ll start with this cute journal that I got from this massive Sainsburys superstore just outside of Oxford (by the way, most of the things are from Sainsburys, they have some really cute stuff in right now). I just love the colour white with the lovely, simplistic writing. I think the price was around £5.


Next I picked up a few things from, what seemed like a spring collection.


I just love the pink notebook/journal. I love the writing on it, it says ‘Dreamer’ and I just could not resist. (I have an obsession with notebooks/journals HELP). The journal was £6.


Next, from the same collection, I bought this clipboard with a to-do list stack of sheets. I thought this is perfect to sit on a desk and plan out your day. I love lists and they really help me prioritise and get my tasks done for the day. This was around £5.

I bought things to write on but I had not yet picked up anything to write with, so I HAD to get something to write with. These cute pencils which again say ‘Dreamer’ were only £2, so you can’t really go wrong with that price.


I needed some book marks because I LOVE books and I just use scrap pieces of paper to mark where I am in a book, so I bought these. They’re all are from the Bodleian Library in oxford, and they’re just so beautiful.


Lastly, that wooden pen and box were a gift from my aunty who went to Saudi Arabia. The pen says my name in Arabic, so cute.

That is all for today. Do you love stationary, let me know?


Noor ♥