My 24 hours of fame!

Hi loves,

Today, I wanted to talk you about the craziness that is youtube stars and their undeniable influence they have on people of all ages. I watch youtubers and their weekly videos as a twenty one year old, showing that people of all ages love youtube, and the youtube sensations such as Zoella and Caspar Lee that have risen from the media platform.

I recently went to my University summer ball, and Conor Maynard was the headlining act. Now if you’re a fan you’ll know that Conor and Capar Lee are good friends. While Conor was performing he bought his squad on the stage which included his brother Jack Maynard (also a youtuber) and Caspar Lee. I managed to grab a selfie with Caspar who, by the way is a sweetheart.

(P.s. how cute is Conor here?)

I posted the selfie on my Instagram, Caspar liked it and over the last couple of days my account has been going crazy. It received over 700 likes and counting, but what really got me was the comments. People congratulated me, expressed their envy and just made it clear how lucky I was to have met their idol.

Here is the selfie.

It just made me realise that, although these first generations of youtuber stars may consider themselves ‘normal’ they are far from it. Their audience is vast and they have incredible amount of attention. Its crazy and pretty amazing to think how youtubers have become idols for so many young people.

Anyway, it was great to meet Caspar, I had a crazy reaction to the selfie and that is all.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


Noor ♥