Driving into Compton!

Hi loves,

I wanted to share a cool experience with you guys. So my friend and I went to a drive in movie theater and watched ‘Straight Outta Compton’, and it was incredible. I had already seen the movie but I’d loved it, so I didn’t mind watching it again… even though its nearly three hours long.


Before we left for the show, we made a little pit stop at Asda to get some snacks… and by some I mean ALL the snacks. After our little shopping spree we took a little road trip to the Alexandra Palace which was the venue for the show. I had a little bit of Zayn playing as I was the DJ, much to my friends delight (even though she would never admit it).

We arrived super early so we had a little walk round and took some picture, and got comfy for the movie.

I loved the whole experience, we had to tune in our radio to the frequency they gave us. This allowed us to get the audio of the movie in our car, which was actually so good. With the window open slightly, you could hear the slow hum of the engines running in the background, making it extra cosy and relaxing experience.

We did have a little bit of a sticky situation because the car battery died, but the staff were very helpful. After the movie they jump started the car and we were off.. again with more Zayn!


That is all, see you soon!


Noor  ♥