The Rose and The Dagger – Noors review!

Hi loves,

‘The Rose and The Dagger’ finally came out and since I have read the book, it’s only appropriate for me to ramble about it. So here it is, my review for the eagerly anticipated squeal of ‘The Wrath and the Dawn’, ‘The Rose and The Dagger’ by Renee Ahdieh.

Before I begin, I just want to direct you to my review of ‘The Wrath and The Dawn’ so you get a feel of the book series.


We start the story with our beloved ‘boy king’ the Caliph of Khorasan and our lion heart queen, Calipha of Khorasan separated. The story follows both Shazi and Khalid as they make their way back to each other and right the wrongs that have taken place. We follow Shazi as she discovers the magic in her blood and comes to term with the power she holds. Khalids character develops from being a figure in the shadows, to the man who attracts the light with his warm heart. The love, the two share for each other transcends the love stories I have previously read. It is a raging display of passion and that is one of the many reasons that I love this book series.

I am sat here, only an hour or so after finishing the book and I am left speechless and completely bewildered by the beauty of Renees writing. She is a brilliant writer, and the way she writes her stories to be compelling, moving and captivating is beyond me. This beautiful, vibrant and satisfying story will stay with me for a long time. The squeal is everything I had wanted as a fan. In this review I just want to be able to do book the justice by portraying it in the most glorious and most deservedly, beaming light.

TRATD’s most prominent setting is the desert, which I love so much . Duration of the plot, there are several spectacular moments which are just jaw dropping. The pace of the book is also perfect, the intense thrilling scenes are placed strategically, in order to give the reader a fulfilling experience.


There is a death in the book, and I grieved and mourned for the loss of the character and the detrimental affect the death had on the other characters. The death scene was flawlessly written in order to have the biggest heart crushing impact.. look forward to that.

Another part that I particularly enjoyed was that, in this book you get to know Shazi’s younger sister, Irsa. You see her develop from an awkward young girl to a poised, strong, young lady and her character development is one of my favourites. She has also become one of my favourite characters in the book.

I want to share with you some of my favourite quotes:

“It was because they were two parts of a whole. He did not belong to her. She did not belong to him. It was never about belonging to someone.It was about belonging together.” (Shazi)


“I’ve missed the silence of you listening to me.” Shahrzad attempted a weak smile. “No one listens to me as you do.” His expression turned quizzical. “You don’t wait to speak,” she clarified. “You truly listen.” “Only to you,” Khalid replied gently.”

“You are where I live”. (Shazi)

I could ramble all day about this book, but I will stop here! I strongly suggest you pick up The Wrath and The Dawn, followed by this because they’re perfect. I can’t praise Renee enough for the magic she injects in her books and characters. A wonderful story, a page turner, a beautiful ending.


As you can see, I’ve marked my favourite moments in the book with sticky labels. There are so many which reflects on my love for the book.

That is all! I hope to see you soon.


Noor ♥