The Ivy Garden!

Hi loves,

I went to The Ivy Garden in Chelsea and thought I would blog it for you guys. I have been once before, last summer and loved it. So, considering its getting sunnier in England I thought it would be nice to get some lunch and tea at one of the most beautiful places.

Look its so pretty!

This day consisted of eating.. a lot throughout the day and complaining about how tired we were, so overall a good day.

We arrived at the Ivy for lunch and this is what is looked like. I got to say my food tasted very healthy which I wouldn’t say is a compliment. My chips were really good, but the food for the prices was not all that great to be honest. Although the food was okay, we did like our drinks. Mine was the green one which is what I had last time. It tastes of summer, its so refreshing.


What I loved most about the Ivy Garden from my previous visit was the cream tea. It includes tea and scones with cream, strawberries and jam.

The tea was my favourite part. The actual tea in itself was so good, I love tea but the tea at the Ivy Garden was honestly delicious


I loved the cream tea as well as the drinks, so I would completely recommend the tea there. However, as for the lunch I would hesitate to. The Ivy Garden is such a beautiful place but we were let down by the poor service. Every time we needed someone, we would have to wait such a long time. Then they ended up charging us extra. I was very disappointed as I had such a lovely time last time I was there.

That is all guys, please do recommend some places to eat in London.


Noor ♥