My Travel Bucket list!

Hi loves,

I want to travel far and wide, so I thought I would make a list (because lists ♥) of all the places around the world that I want to visit. Most of these are from movies I’ve seen and books I have read.


  1. L.A – This is on top of my list because I want to go here so bad! This is mostly from watching Joe’s L.A vlogs when he visits. I want the sun and walks on the Santa Monica beach. The perfect time to go to L.A would be when Coachella festival is on and then two of things from my bucket list would be ticked off.
  2. New York – This is a place that has been on my bucket list since I was at school. It’s always been a place that I wanted to visit. Empire State Building. Central Park. Also books, ‘The Mortal Instrument’ series is based in NY so obviously it made it even more of a prominent place go on the list.
  3. Thailand – My friend Chazza P visited Thailand and it looked incredible, so it has secured a spot on the list.
  4. Indonesia (Bali) – ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ the movie. Also one of my friends is from Indonesia and she has promised me a trip to Bali (Cella, if you’re reading this, when are we going?). Indonesia also happens to be a Muslim country so I can eat ALL the food without having to worry about the meat not being halal.
  5. Orlando (Disneyland) – HOGWARTS – do I need to say anymore. I want to go to Disneyland for all Disney things but also Hogwarts. I love everything Harry Potter so I NEED to go see it in person.
  6. San Diego (at Comic Con) – I am a nerd and every nerd wants to go SDCC. It seems to be the best comic con in terms of getting the cast from all my favourite shows as guests. Definitely a must do/see.
  7. India – Again, is one of those countries I wanted to visit since I was a child. I really want to see the Taj Mahal, and walk on the Rajasthani sand.
  8. Russia (St Petersburg) – One of my favourite book series ‘The Vampire Academy’ has a few scenes from some of the books that are set in Russia. Ever since I have read the series I have wanted to go Russia.
  9. Scotland – This is definitely somewhere I want to go soon and also in Summer. I don’t think I could handle the cold in Scotland except Summer. Beautiful, historical architecture is what pulls me towards it.I also happen to have read ‘The little book shop of happy ever after’ By Jenny Colgan and it just made Scotland so enticing.
  10. The Maldives – I blame Tanya Burr for this one, her Maldives vlog was incredible. It seems so incredibly beautiful and relaxing. It would be a perfect beach getaway especially when England is so gloomy.
  11. US (Roadtrip – Malibu/San Fran) – because roadtrips. Sun. Beach. Music and epic sunsets.
  12. Japan (in spring) – Spring in Japan just seems out of this world (from all the cherry blossom pictures I’ve seen).
  13. Greece (Santorini/Mykonos) – Have you even seen the pictures that people take of these places? They literally look heavenly.
  14. Italy – LIKE THE WHOLE OF ITALY. Rome. Venice. Verona. Milan. Florence. Pisa. Pompeii.
  15. South Africa – This is because of this one Instagram account I follow, and its so perfect.
  16. Afghanistan – One person, Khaled Hosseini. He painted the perfect Afghanistan in his novels and ever since I read them, Afghanistan has held a special place in my heart. It breaks my heart to hear about what has become of the country and its people. I hope and pray for the day that Kabul becomes what it once was; vibrant, bright and full of life.



That is all, let me know where you want to go? Also have you been to any of these places?

The world is your oyster kid!


Noor ♥