Makeup – Haul & Review!

Hi loves,

So.. I went shopping (I feel like ‘So.. I went shopping’ is my version of Hermoine saying ‘So.. I went to the library’.

Anyway, I did a little shopping and Allia also bought me some makeup goodies for my birthday. So I decided to do a blog post to show you guys and do a mini review, because I have managed to test out the products.

Sleek – Vintage Romance Eye Shadow Palette


The shades  the top line (from left to right) are: Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague

The shades in the bottom are (from left to right) are: A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London

DAMNNNN Sleek at it again with the alliteration. Seriously though, I love the names. They’re so cute and ‘romantic’ hence the  name of the palette ‘Vintage Romance’.All the shades are really sparkly and glittery, they are very pigmented. One of the shades (Propose in Prague) is the only matte shade. My favourites are the three goldy shades (which I think suit my eye colour) and they are ‘Meet in Madrid’, ‘Court in Cannes’ and ‘Lust in L.A’

Review – I wore the three shades blended to the Adele concert to test them out, I must say that they did well (almost as good as my naked 3 palette). However, my eye shadow did crease a little but it managed to remain intact the whole evening.


Rimmel – Stay Matte Mouse Foundation

Now, I’ve tried this foundation before and loved it. I bought two shades because one of them is my actual shade and the other is super light. I had to get a lighter shade to mix with my Mac studio fix foundation because I stupidly picked up a darker shade.

Review- I really like this foundation because it stays put all day, it gives a really good coverage and its really light on your skin. My only issue is that my skin does shine after a little while, although that may just be my skin the foundation does claim to ‘keep you looking matte throughout the day’. Overall good product with an affordable price. Also I thought that it might last not last me very long because the foundation comes in a tube, but I was proven wrong.


Benefit – Bad Gal Mascara/ Light Beam Highlighter/ POREfessional primer

I have had/tried the Bad Gal Mascara and the POREfessional primer before, and they really are brilliant. The mascara give length and separation, but for volume you need to apply a few coats. The results from using the primer are instant, you can actually see your pores blur and smooth over. The highlighter was a new product and it gave a perfect natural glow for those ‘no makeup’ makeup looks.If you prefer your highlight to shine brighter than your future, add this as a base highlighter and then add powder highlighter on top.


Mac – Persistence

This is a matte finish stunning browny/nude shade and I love it. It’s not drying and it is very long lasting.


Mac – Please Me!

This is the perfect pink. I was at the Mac store and I really wanted a new lipstick and I bought this pink, very pigmented/long lasting beauty. I don’t wear pink as often as I like and as much as I used to, so its a purchase to encourage that.


Gerad Cosmetics – Ruby Slipper

This was, perhaps the most disappointing purchase. It was really drying, and as you can see from the picture it was such a struggle to apply. It took layers to get the colour right and apart from the actual shade of the liquid lipstick, everything else was quite a let down. I love Gerad Cosmetic lipsticks, so I am incredibly disappointed if I’m being honest.


Borjois – Grand Cru

On a more positive note, Borjois have nailed it with these liquid lipsticks. I probably have all the shades in my possession and I am not sorry about it. They’re matte (but not too drying), the colour is pigmented and lasts all day. This was a re-purchase because (short story) I ate while I was on a day out and wiped it all off, so I went and bought another one.


Gerad Cosmetics – London Fog

What Gerad Cosmetics got right was this stunning lipstick. Firstly, look at it.I wish I could show you guys a video but wordpress won’t let me upload it (you can see it on my Instagram). The lipstick comes with this glitter on the exterior of it and it literally shines like diamonds. I also love this colour, its so beautiful. It’s a brave colour but life’s too short not to wear ‘out there’ lipstick shades. So excited to wear this out.


That is all, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you want to or have tried any of the products.

Also thanks to Allia, for the beautiful makeup!


Noor ♥