Waffle mania!

Hello darlings,

Today’s post is a foodie one (yes the best kind of post).

Basically, Thursday I have an hour  Journalism class and instead of wasting the whole journey to Uni, my friend and I went for some waffles after class.

We had been to Potty Pancakes (which is in Potters Bar) once before and we had loved it, so had to go again for those delishh waffles! I love the food at this place and prices are reasonable so I would definitely recommend it.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

The decor – they had a bit of Craig David playing to get the party started! Followed by a bit of Zayn Malik (what more could a girl want?)

The date – She was being shy!


The waffles – Shut The Front Door!! Look at that! (Sidenote – According to my dear friend ChazzZa P, I said whilst taking picture of waffles “doesn’t the light hit the banana just right”).

The post-food art – only way to deal with food coma.


The place – bit of free advertisement for them.


Ohh I nearly forgot to mention, they do savoury food too! Although, I haven’t tried anything savoury from there.

Its a quick one today, that is all for this week.


Let me know what your favourite dessert place is, and if you do end up try this one!


Noor ♥