Red Queen!

Hi loves,

It’s #WorldBookDay so its only fitting I should do a book review for this weeks post.. so here it is!

I finally caved in and read the ridiculously hyped ‘The Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard. It has been a while since I had time to sit and read and I finally found some time.I love a good book series, and ‘The Red Queen’ is the first installment of the series (the second book is also out now).

The book is about a young girl called Mare Burrows, Mare lives in a society where there there are two ‘races’ (I don’t know how else to describe them). There are the all powerful silvers, who control and run the country -they are the elite. Whereas the reds (what Mare is) are the slaves of the system, barely living. Mare is different (because who would read a book about an ordinary girl). The book follows Mare’s journey of self discovery and the hurdles she must overcome to save herself and her people.

As some of you may know from one of my previous posts, I love a female lead who is ready to kick some ass! The book is easy to read and very enjoyable; the characters are very lovable (Cal). There was one scene is particular that just breaks your heart a little, and it is very well written so real which intensifies the heart break (Shade – that is all I have to say). I don’t want to give this away too much but there is a seen between Cal and Mare which kind of leaves you breathless and eager for more (you may also scream internally as you read). As well as Cal, Farley is also one of my favourites. A strong leader who happens to be a woman (kicking ass. Yes girl!).

I have a list of some points that bugged me a little about the book

  • Why does there always have to be a love triangle?
  • Mare needs to be stronger (I compare all young female leads to Calaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass and well, no one compares, really). I would have preferred it if she were to be strong and confident in herself, although Aveyard may want her character development (to a strong woman) in the other installments of the series.
  • A little predictable .

That’s all, although there are things which could be different (better in my opinion) in the book. I will definitely be reading the next installment and keeping an eye out for Mare and her next adventure.

(side note – the days that followed after I had finished the book I was still thinking about it. Therefore, I think the book must be incredible if it leaves the reader thinking about the plot and the characters. I am very excited for the second book!!)

Let me know if you have read the book or want to read it. I gave it 4/5 stars on goodreads.


That is all. Thank you and see you next week.


Noor ♥