Top 10 favourite bloggers

Hello, beautiful people.

Its that time again, its time for a brand new list!

I haven’t been in the blogging game (if that’s what you want to call it) very long, but I have a few favourites that I wanted to share with you guys. These are some of my biggest inspirations as well as some of my biggest supports. There is a lot of love in this list!

  1. Emma Gannon – girllostinthecity A recent discovery that has turned into one of my all time favourites. I think I first found Emma on twitter, Zoe (zoella – see number 5) retweeted one of Emma’s tweets and thats how I got onto her twitter. After a series of events.. discovered the blog. She instantly became one of my favourites and I even did a blogpost inspired by one of hers. There is a variety of topics covered, and I love that she has achieved so much (a new addition to the ‘nailed it’ list is her upcoming book ‘Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up and Stayed Sane Online’).
  2. Tajmina Khatun – minasalcove  I love this girl, she is my number one supporter. When I first started my blog, she helped me with all the ‘blogging stuff’. When I send a link to my blogpost she always reads it and gives me feedback. I appreciate this so much. As well as being a fabulous human, she is also a blogger. minasalcove was one of the reasons that encouraged me to make my very own blog. The blog features books and beauty (what more could you want from a blog?).
  3.  Maria – mariaalia Maria is killing it in the hijab fashion game (and generally in life to be honest). I first discovered her through her Instagram (which is goals and is one of my favourites). Later, I found that she has a blog. mariaalia mostly features fashion/outfit ideas. She also posts about her travels. I admire it, and therefore it is definitely one of my favourites.
  4. Tanya Burr – tanyaburr I love Tanya’s youtube channel, that is the platform in which I found her. I love ‘professional’ bloggers, it always gives you a aim/standard/goal to work towards. I think my content is inspired by Tanya and other bloggers because there is a good mix of topics covered from baking to makeup.
  5. Zoella – zoella Another professional blogger/youtube is Zoe Sugg. I’m a big fan of Zoe as a person/vlogger/blogger/author and the list goes on. Especially during Christmas last year, there were so many posts and I loved reading them. She again sets a standard to follow and aim for.
  6. Leila – profoundlycomplex Leila is a new blogger, she currently has two posts and they are brilliant. I hope she continues to post because I love her blog. She’s a psychology student so there is a little bit of that in her blog posts. Her writing style is easy, modern and witty and I thoroughly enjoy her writing.
  7. Dina Torkia – daysofdoll Dina Torkia is one of biggest inspiration from years and years ago. I first discovered Dina when she came on a fashion based TV show on Channel 4. Then I found her in the online world, and that led her to become one of biggest inspirations growing up. She was the first Hijabi I saw on western television, as well as being the first hijabi ‘internet famous’ person I knew of. So she is definitely one of my favourites.
  8. Lucy Dodsworth – ontheluce first of all can we talk about her blog name. ‘on the luce’ is such a brilliant play on words and I love it. Lucy’s blog aesthetic is goals. I’ve only recently discovered her blog and absolutely love it. It is brilliant and full of travel ideas. Some of her posts have inspired me to travel more in England and see all the incredible places which are only a couple of hours away. Incredible blog.
  9.  Danielle Lilly – whileimyoungandskinny Again, one of my new blog discoveries. I very much enjoy reading about Danielle’s traveling adventures. Its like she takes her readers on a journey, right now (when I’m writing this post, although its scheduled for Feb) she is planning her move to Dubai (lucky) and its very exciting being on this journey with her.
  10. Poppy Deyes – poppydeyes What mostly attracts me to Poppy’s blog is her photography. Its such a good quality and professional standard considering she is a new blogger, can’t wait to see more from her.


That is my list. Who are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.


That is all for this week.


Noor ♥