Ballet Blew Me Away!

Hi my loves,

Sooo, I went to my first ever ballet show. I had wanted to see ballet live for such a long time. So when the opportunity came up, I had to go. Obviously, as it was my first time I didn’t know what to expect at all.


So after rushing around London (because we were shopping) it nearly made us late, we made it to the London Coliseum. Once we arrived, our seats were pretty good (we had a good view of the stage). I saw there was a live orchestra and I was immediately excited.

The costumes in the show were incredible, they were heavily influenced by historical south Asian wear. The first part of the show was great, the story was a little difficult to follow at times (my friend actually said to me ‘it would be good if they spoke a little’). I managed to follow along and explain to her as well.

The first part was good, but the second part was jaw dropping. Out of the three parts it was certainly my most favourite. In the second section of the play, the main characters really had the opportunity to show their mesmerising talent. Honestly, it was jaw dropping good. I was so hooked and couldn’t take my eyes of the stage. The dancers were incredibly talented (as they would be) but they really made me fall in love with ballet. The last scene was also great, it finished the story in nice ’round up’ way.


It’s crazy how wo/mankind (because I’m a feminist) creates these wonderful art forms to tell stories. I love it, I’m a  big fan of many art forms such as literature, music etc. I’m glad I had this opportunity to witness the brilliance of ballet. The live orchestra as well as the dancers blew me away, especially in the second scene.

Honestly, if you have a chance to go to a ballet show, GO. The day we went to see the show, La Corsaire – it was their last day and second to last performance, and I think  they gave it their all. La Corsaire will definitely be a magnificent memory.

After the show it was time for some food. One of my cousins had previously mentioned Dishoom and I had wanted to try it for a long time for two reasons; firstly, because of the recommendation and secondly because the restaurants (there are a few branches of the restaurant) always have queues. So my friend and I went to see what all the hype was about.


We were not disappointed, the food was very different in a good way. I had chicken biryani, with cranberries which is apparently an Iranian twist to the dish. It was lovely. Here are some pictures.


All in all I had a lovely day and I was so thrilled with my first ballet experience.


That is all.


Noor ♥