Sorry.. What do you mean? 2016 already?

Yess, that is Justin Bieber in the title of my blogpost.. oops (sorry not sorry). Seriously though, where has 2015 gone?

Anyway, hello!

I wanted to make a list (because I love lists) of little things to make your 2016 happier!

So here it is

  1. Sing out loud and to your favourite song when its playing in the car .. who cares that you’re stuck in traffic and people in the next car are staring at you?
  2. Un-follow/subscribe/friend anyone that is making you unhappy. You don’t need toxic people in your life.
  3. Read… read a lot.
  4. Make time for ‘me time’. When I was a kid I really did not understand what me time was… now I do. Sometimes you just need to take an hour or a day or couple of days just to do what you want to do!
  5. Drink tea … a lot (or any other hot beverage of your choice)
  6. Social media.. don’t stress about followers/likes/retweets etc 2015 has gone to show that having a countless amount of followers on social media does not equate to happiness. In fact they can actually make your life miserable. (Exhibit A)
  7. Take time to appreciate the things around you.. (in autumn time this year, I loved driving where the were trees. I would be like ‘look, how pretty do the leaves look’).
  8. Speak out against injustice (0-100 real quick). Sometimes it will feel like you’re just shouting into the void, but fight for what you believe in. Be strong!
  9. Its actually cool to give a sh*t about things.
  10. If you wanna take selfies.. TAKE ALL THE SELFIES! Its no secret that I love a selfie.. or about hundred because sometimes its nice to take good selfie when you feel like you’re life is on point.
  11. Set yourself goals, if that’s how you work. Personally, I like setting myself goals, especially those that are to do with personal growth.
  12. Admit that you are a Blieber (*).. its time to love yourself and accept the truth.


That is all from me, have a wonderful new year!

Noor ♥



** P.s. I the featured image is not mine. I don’t know who the owner is, to give the credit. Taken from tumblr. **