Winter Wonderland Cheesecake!


I feel like every time I sit down to write a blog post it feels like its been so long, but its only been a week.

Anyway, today I have a recipe for you. It’s pretty easy and its cheesecake, what more could you want from a recipe?

So, you will need:


100 g of Digestive Biscuits (I used plain, but you could use the chocolaty ones for an extra treat).

50g of Demerara sugar

50 g Butter (unsalted and melted)

100 g of Icing Sugar

1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

200 ml of double cream (lightly whipped)


To start with, whisk/smash you biscuits so they are tiny crumbs. I put them in a sandwich bag and placed a towel on top and smashed them with a rolling pin (go to town with this, its great way to relieve some stress).


Then in a bowl, mix your biscuit crumbs, sugar and your melted butter. (When you mix your butter make sure you cover the top of whatever you are melting it in, I left the bowl exposed and it went all over my microwave).


Then put the mixture into 20 cm spring-form cake tin, lined with greaseproof paper. (I just used a normal cake tin, it was a bit of struggle to get the cheesecake out though).

Press down on the mixture, so it is even. Then leave it in the fridge to set.


Now for the real good stuff, whisk/mix the cream cheese, the vanilla extract and the icing sugar, until well mixed.


Then add in the (lightly whipped) double cream.


You’re almost done, add the cream mixture to the biscuit base. Smooth it over with a metal spoon, make sure it is even and there are no bubbles.


I know it looks good, but you have  to wait… leave in your fridge for about an hour (making sure your fridge settings are on a high. Or alternatively, put it in your freezer for thirty minutes and then in your fridge.

After the cheesecake has been set, after an hour, you can decorate – like I did (pick a theme, mine was christmassy winter wonderland). Or just add some icing sugar on top.


For my cheesecake I added edible gold glitter, some white and blue snowflake sprinkles, and a cake topper.



I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, and learned from my mistakes 😉


Let me know in the comments if you tried the cheesecake.


Noor ♥