My Anti-Bucket list!


Today’s post is my anti- bucket list..

You’re probably thinking, ‘but Noor.. what is an anti-bucket list’ ..

An anti-bucket list is exactly what you expect, its all the things you have done and achieved rather than what you want to do.

Well, after reading Girl Lost In The City ‘s post on her anti- bucket list I was inspired to write my very own. Who doesn’t want to feel good whilst looking back at the highlights of the past year.

So here it is .. my anti-bucket list of 2015 (so far)

1) I finally started my very own blog. I have started blogs quite a few times but with ‘itsanoorthing‘ I feel like I can actually stick to it and have a regular post day! I am so happy and very proud of my little blog.



2) I got through my second year at University. I feel like I made most out of my time in second year and I will forever be grateful for the people who made my second year of Uni incredible!

3) I finally passed my DRIVING TEST! Now if you know me and my story with driving then you will know how much of a huge deal this was. I failed countless amount of times.. like literally so many I dont even know how many to be exact. But I finally passed.

2015-12-10 19.20.53.png

4) I actually got good at baking. From Betty Crocker to being a Pro (okay maybe not a pro, but I think I’m pretty good). I will always be grateful to my girl Betty Crocker for having my back since day one! (Betty Crocker)

5) I discovered one my all time favorite book series ‘Throne of Glass’. Thanks to my amazing friend Mina’s Alcove. The book series is so amazing, it has everything I want from a YA/Fantasy book series. Celaena Sardothien is my favourite female lead.. there you go I said it.

6) I finally nailed the whole colour theme on Instagram. Look at all those beautiful dark colours! noor95_xo

2015-12-10 19.22.51

7) I explored Dubai, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



8) Explored London .. a lot. Its no secret that London is without a doubt my favourite city. I love how, no matter how many times I go into the city, I will always discover new places.

9) I went to see Wicked at the theater and absolutely loved it. It was brilliant, I didnt expect it to be as perfect as it was.

10) I completed a Teaching English as a Foreign Langauge course, whilst still going to work with the minimal amount of sleep. And became a YES girl!

11) Worked on myself to be a better person.

I think there is a certain pressure to always be doing things, and although I would recommend you get out there and explore a little, there are things things that are just as important. For example my number 11. Always striving to be the best that I can be.

What would be some of the things that you’re proud of on your anti-bucket list.. comment below!


Noor ♥