City Lights and Stax Diner!


I finally had a London day in what feels like sixty years! I’ve been so busy and stressed with Uni that I needed a day just to wonder the streets of beautiful London and not worry about a damn thing.

I met up with two of my favourite people and we shopped in Oxford St and just wondered a lot.

We also went to eat at Stax Diner, a cute little restaurant that was *HALAL* (winning!) It was in Kingly Court which is such a cute (also very instagrammable) place. Anyway the food was very good and I would definitely recommend it!

I especially wanted to go to London because I’ve seen people post pictures of the Christmas lights which looked incredible, so here are a few pictures from my little rendezvous (yes Harry, lets go on secret little rendezvous *1D reference*) in London!

DSC_9420My vanilla milkshake was so good, and I also tried the virgin mojito which was quite refreshing. However, Im not about the peanut butter milkshake so didnt try that one.

DSC_9427This beauty was mine, although I made a right mess it was delishh!

DSC_9439I had only been to Stax Diner once before and I was first introduced to it in one of Dina Tokio’s vlogs. I had to try it out, and I liked it so I took my cousins along this time.


This is Kingly Court, Ive been to London a countless amount of times and had never come across this quirky little place. I love that London has so many hidden treasures… one just has to look to find them.

Moving onto the magical Christmas lights dotted around London. DSC_9513This was on Oxford St, the classic lights.

DSC_9490DSC_9499DSC_9505These lights were so beautiful! They reminded me of like a fairy garden with all the green and sparkles. I especially loved the massive disco balls just casually hanging in the Convent Garden Market.

DSC_9532DSC_9540The Carnaby St lights won for me! They were PINK! So colourful and festive.

DSC_9529As a last treat for the day we went to Paul’s to get some Macaroons and saw this beauty parked outside.

DSC_9478I had to post this, we found this out of the blue in one of the streets just of Oxford St. So festive!


Anyway, that is all from me this week.If you can visit London during this festive period then I highly recommend visiting these places and just being in awe of the beauty.


Noor ♥