Brunch at Bills and Pumpkin Galore!

Hello.. its me.. I was wondering after all these years if you’d like to meet… (sorry a bit obsessed with Adele’s new song ‘Hello’ right now).

Anyway, last Saturday my darling cousin came to stay, so after work we went for a spontaneous brunch at Bills in St Albans. I had only been to Bill’s once before and loved it! They always seem to have such a nice vibe in there and we both loved their decor.

Our drive to St Albans included some very awful loud singing on my behalf as well as admiring the beautiful Autumnal tress and leaves (it was a good time).

Once we arrived at Bills we ordered Pancakes and Tea! Here are some of the pictures I took..


My delishhhh pancakes.


My cute date.


It wasnt awkward taking this picture at all….


Food envy yet?

Later on, we decided to carve our pumpkins. It was a gooey and sticky situation but we were very happy with Duncan (my pumpkin) and Benny (My cousins pumpkin).


Then I had a photo shoot with our pumpkins..


Meet Duncan the cutie (My hard work)


…and Benny


Lastly for the *AESTHETICS*

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blogpost, sorry it was short.

Hope you have the best week and a good Halloween and enjoy pumpkinning (I made up the term and hope it catches on – feel a bit like Sheldon Cooper saying that but we’ll see.. )

Noor ♥